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New Pro Classic & Breton Socks by Pongo London

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Pongo London’s latest release for 2018 is a vibrant range of their quality renowned socks. If you’re looking for a traditional style with modern design, then the Pongo range are exactly what you should be wearing. One of the greatest things we love about Pongo socks is their choice of colours, especially the ‘Celeste’ coloured socks. Our favourite last year we’re the ‘KOM’ socks in celetste & white, which are actually on sale at the moment!

Their socks provide a generous 6″ cuff, which looks the part for those who care about sock height. The weave is fine, providing a smooth luxurious feel on the foot and ankle. Technical mesh for added breathability. Anti twist + compression band. Superior needle count for quality and durability. And best of all… ‘Made in Italy’.

Take a look at their new range for 2018 >


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