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Pacific and Co.

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The immensity of the ocean, the loneliness of a secret spot, the noise of the urban jungle… The world is an amazing mixture of colours, flavors, sensations and sounds. All of which are capable of inspiring and bringing to life even the most mundane things surrounding us.

Pacific and Co was founded in 2013 by Aixa Sanuy and Lidia Ansio through a vision of giving a fresh chance to most forgotten piece of clothing- socks. We use socks as our canvas to capture inspiration and art. We make cutting-edge designs, while staying committed to the latest trends and costumers needs. We stay dedicated to the quality that traditional socks manufacturing offers, to create limited editions standard suitable for everyday.

Pacific and Co. socks are now available in selected retail stores all around Spain, Australia, Japan, Belgium, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Chile, Italy, UK, Germany…. as well as worldwide via our online store.





'Cycling Legends' socks by Pacific & Co are so good you'll want to wear them every day!

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