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Passista Carbon Wheels by Parcours

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Quality 9.0
Performance 9.0
Value for Money 9.0

We recently had the opportunity to complete a 3 month/1000 mile test of the Parcours Passista carbon wheelset and we’re happy to report they’re a superb set of wheels. They took us through a 125 mile coast to coast journey, local sportives, social rides and training without missing a single beat.

PROS: Great all-round performance, superb weight at 1523g, excellent quality & features for your money.

CONS: Nothing major, the supplied brake pads can leave some hard to remove residue resulting in a blue streak.


The Passista wheels are very well made, with a solid carbon construction and an appealing aero profile which looks awesome.

One of the highlights are the hubs on both the front and rear wheels. Both hubs feature EZO cartridge bearing which feel as if they could roll forever, they certainly provide a quality ride without any loss of performance over the 3 months we tested them. The hub construction is very impressive with a precision finish which looks very nice (we think these are Novatec AS511SB & FS22SB hubs rebranded), they certainly look a lot more expensive than a lot of other hubs at this price range. The freehub looks amazing, performs really well and features that all important freehub clicking sound as you freewheel your ride.

The bladed spokes are slim with an average spoke tension across the front and rear, if anything the rear could have been a little tighter as some of the flex felt a little disconcerting at times, especially when sprinting out the saddle, but with all new wheels this is something that can vary and change as the wheels bed in.

The brake surface features ‘TG Resin’ for optimal braking and it looks very nice with its subtle carbon weave pattern. The aero profile of the wheels is finished in a flat smooth carbon and finished with some very nice glossy Parcours Passista decals.

The build quality of the carbon is very good, as you can see in the photographs the carbon is very well laid and finished to a high standard with smooth edges and surfaces. The wheels come with rim tape which we removed for the photographs to show how nicely these wheels are made, we didn’t spot any areas of concern over the quality of construction.

Even after 100 miles are varied conditions the braking surface and construction of the wheels remain almost like new. There has been no issues with cracks or premature surface wear, the wheels have performed extremely well and clean up nicely after every ride.

Dsc 7242 Dsc 7235 Dsc 7239


Out on the road the Passista wheels have that distinct aero sound as they tear along the road with the air rushing past that deep aero profile. You can sense your speed quickening as you power your legs to spin the Passistas up to maximum warp. Once you get them spinning over 20mph you can really feel the difference compared to a standard aluminium low profile wheel. The Passista wheels cut through the air with ease and can easily add an extra 1-2 mph to your average speed for the same amount of effort.

In or out the saddle, they perform for mile after mile. Even on the steepest of climbs their low weight of 1523g!!! is easy enough to spin up hill. Granted they have more rotational mass than a climbing wheel, but what you lose on the climbs you gain on the flats, and then some!

In cross winds, they perform pretty much the same as most other deep section aero wheels. I wouldn’t say they are any better than other carbon wheels around this depth, but they do keep spinning even when the wind hits you sideways. There’s plenty of rotational mass to keep your average speed up no matter which direction the wind is coming from.

We tested these on a 125 mile coast to coast ride a few month ago and they coped with everything I could throw at them… climbs, descents, light gravel, potholes, winding roads and more. We rode them constantly from July through September with the new Ere Research Omnia tyres and they were a perfect pair! Read More >

Dsc 7594 Dsc 7500 Tc0 0414 Dsc 7495

Value for Money

Priced at £819 with free delivery, there are very few aero carbon wheels which can match what Parcours are offering with the Passista. If you want to get a set of deep section carbon wheels which will last you for many years without the urge to upgrade, these are the wheels for you! You get a solid set of performance carbon wheels with skewers and brake pads which are ideal for any road bike, whether you’re a weekend warrior, city commuter or pro rider.

Dsc 7251 Dsc 7250 Dsc 7239

Final Verdict

They tick all the boxes for an aero wheel with their lightweight design, high quality hubs, bladed spokes, 56mm aero profile and price. We rate them with a solid 9/10 for being a superb all round carbon fibre aero wheelset which can take anything you throw at them.

Velo Insider Rating 9 0



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