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Pedal Powered People

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Ppp Logo 2018

Pedal Powered People is a family-owned label for cycling streetwear & cycling apparel from Frankfurt, Germany. We love cycling, good design and quality materials.

Founded in 2015 and initially focusing on casual wear for cyclists, we also offer cycling jerseys, bibshorts and socks since 2017

“One Love” is our guiding principle. The common passion for cycling, nature, being together, the espresso after the ride. All of this is part of cycling and makes the fascination of cycling so special for us.

Sustainability is a big part of cycling. In order to follow this thoughts with our label, we rely on certified, fairly traded textiles made of 100% organic cotton in all our garments. All our cycling clothing is also produced in Belgium and meets all European production and environmental standards.



The VALLMO Short Sleeve Jersey by Sigr


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