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Pelotan SPF30 Sun Protection Spray

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We all know that tan lines are a cyclists way of proudly showing off how much time they devote to their much loved sport, even in the pathetic climate of British summertime we still feel an element of pride to see a crisp divide between our pale and tanned skin.

Protecting our skin is extremely important and something many often neglect to take care of, until now… It’s the first time we have ever seen a cycling specific sun protection product other than the usual sports protection sprays and creams currently available. Needless to say we were intrigued to find out more, and the guys at Pelotan kindly sent us a bottle to try out!

PROS: Easy to apply, non-greasy formula, SPF30 for superb protection, smells like sunshine and paradise.

CONS: None.

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So what makes it different? I mean we can all walk into our local supermarket or chemist and pickup a sun cream that’s going to do the same thing right? Well that all depends on what you buy. Now you can take the guess work out of it and buy the right protection first time.

Pelotan is a water and sweat resistant spray which still allows your skin to sweat and breath, something creams can often make worse while riding in warm or humid conditions.

Pelotan is also dermatologically tested, contains no preservatives, isn’t tested on animals and is British made!

And next comes the smell… there’s something about the smell of sunny tropical holidays you just cant help but love. But whatever the combination of scents, its certainly good to smell something better than the usual blood sweat and tears while out grinding a KOM in midday sun.

Offering an impressive 8 hours of UVA & UVB protection, this 30SPF spray is also non-greasy allowing your skin to feel great without causing any stickiness or marks on your jersey & kit.

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To test Pelotan out we tried it in two different situations; 1. While out riding and 2. Sat in the sun enjoying a beer (the hardest part of the test!). We can honestly say that the non greasy formula is extremely good for cyclists, it doesn’t leave any sticky skin which could easily become fly paper riding through the summer country roads! It does not leave any noticeable residue on your clothing and leaves a silky smooth sheen to your skin.

Even sat in full sun, the 30SPF works very well with no problems in application or burning to your skin. And more importantly, being non-greasy your beer glass doesn’t slip out of your hand!

This really is a great ‘spray on and forget’ type of product which will no doubt see a lot of attention by cycling enthusiasts around the world.

(Please note: we advise you always take care sun bathing and take necessary precautions not to over expose yourself to harmful sun rays. Always read the guidance and instruction on your sun protection cream or lotion).

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Value for Money

200ml for £20 is not your cheapest of sun lotions, but this has been developed with cycling sports in mind, so you get what you pay for… 8 hours sun protection you can just spray on and forget about, leaving you to concentrate on your ride, not your tan lines! And that is worth paying for!

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Final Verdict

With a name such as Pelotan, it’s hard not to love this product even before you’ve tried it. But once you have, you realise it smells great, applies with ease, protects while providing a healthy deep tan, and leaves a lovely satin sheen to your rippling muscular legs (for some of us anyway!)

You can buy Pelotan as well as a special edition bidon, and even an Isadore Pelotan Jersey (see pics below)!!! By visiting their website and clicking Buy Now, which will direct you to their INDIEGOGO project…


Velo Insider Rating 9 0






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