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At PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. we thrive to create, develop and commercialize fashionable functional cyclewear that meet the demands of women searching for comfort and style as well as performance and features. As passionate cyclists ourselves, we understand the needs of women on the bike, and chose to go ahead and break the pattern.

Native from Montreal, it is a trip in Croatia that has led our intention into a real project. After completing a Half Ironman, many cycling events, marathons, ski trips and much more, we have decided to focus our energy on sharing our passion and our lifestyle all through one new brand, PEPPERMINT Cycling Co.

For us, cycling is the most beautiful sport. It’s our way to stay in shape, spend time with friends and family, escape from daily stress and simply dream of everything we wish for. We truly wish to inspire and engage as many active women through cycling and make them realize the numerous benefits related to this sport.

PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. is about the overall experience of cycling: laughing with friends, sharing stories, discovering new playlists, enjoying coffee breaks and much more. This fact has influenced the main focus of our brand to be more than just product centric and has tightened the experience of cycling around it. By having a unique and distinctive approach, we wish to make it easier for women to enjoy riding and fall in love with cycling.



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