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Pongo White Polka Dot Socks

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Quality 10.0
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.0
Durability 9.0
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 9.0

PROS: Great fit, durable, classic looks, designed in London, made in Italy.

CONS: Nothing we can think of.


Socks are one of those things you can never have too many of. They’re an inexpensive way to change your style, to contrast your kit or to enhance the beauty of your shoes. For many cyclists, sock doping is a very big deal with vibrant and unique socks being all the more popular these days.

Brands like Pongo are at the forefront of creating socks that not only look good, but which perform to their fullest potential.

You might not believe a sock can provide much comfort, but having a dry and comfortable foot is not to be underestimated. The Pongo White Polks Dot socks are the ideal choice for socks that meet the needs of any demanding cyclist looking for a spring/summer sock.

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Quality and Comfort

The socks are extremely well made. With a good upper length to the cuff (6 inch’s) the sock looks great without being too high or low. The fabric is high quality, providing a technical upper mesh and anti twist pattern to keep the sock in place and provide extra comfort while riding.

The quality is superb with a good stretch to the yarn which has been ‘hand selected and dyed’ in Italy.

Img 20180421 205911125Img 20180421 210001199Img 20180421 205936670


The socks are extremely comfortable and provide great flex while riding. Although Pongo state these are designed for temperatures of 18°C +, I like to wear these in anything from 10°C because I’m British and unfortunately have had to acclimatise to the colder weather. As we have had a good week of weather I can confirm that in all heat ranges, including 18°C, the socks performed brilliantly with no sweat buildup or overheating while riding.

The socks feature an ‘anti twist band’ to prevent the socks from moving around and, yes you guessed it, from twisting! Overall these are great quality, providing everything you need from a performance sock.

Img 20180422 063523820 Hdr


With a ‘superior’ needle count, these socks should prove to wear very well. I personally own other Pongo socks and after a few thousand miles they are still looking like new. Even with repeated washing the colour and shape of the socks remain the same as new.

Img 20180422 061823448

Size and Fit

Sizing is excellent with just two sizes to choose from. Being a UK size 10, I’m wearing the L-XL size socks which cover a 43-46 shoe size. The cuff length is spot on at 6 inch’s and there is no noticeable bunching up of material anywhere. This sock fits like a… glove sock?

Img 20180422 061754975

Value for Money

At £15 these socks are great value for money. Pongo often have discounts and offers available, and at the time of writing this review the ‘White Polka Dot’ socks are on offer for just £10!

Img 20180422 061715232

Final Verdict

You can never have too many socks and with such a great range of designs, Pongo are worthy of belonging in everyones kit drawer!




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