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Premium Bib Shorts by Variant CC

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Quality 7.5
Comfort 7.5
Performance 7.5
Sizing and Fit 8.0
Value for Money 7.0

Variant CC are producing some very striking kit, especially their VCC02 Aerofit Jersey in Yellow… our favourite!

These ‘Premium’ bib shorts are the perfect match to keeping a uniform look which stays with the brand, and for their cost they provide a good level of quality and style.

PROS: Good use of materials, generous gripper, look great paired with their lightweight jerseys.

CONS: Chamois pad could be slightly smaller and higher in density.

Dsc 6505 Dsc 6512

Quality and Comfort

The overall quality is very good for bib shorts at this price point. They use some nice materials to provide the usual quality of bib short, by usual we mean there’s nothing outstanding about these shorts, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good.

The Variant CC premium bib shorts are very comfortable to wear, with a good use of lycra for the legs and seat area. The legs are a printed lycra, while the seat and crotch area are a solid black lycra. This is a nice feature as too many times we see saddles wearing out the print leaving white patches of bare material.  The entire short provides a lot of stretch and flex which will suit a whole range of body shapes and sizes.

The panelling and cut to these shorts provides a good fit while in the riding position and the shorts have a good length to the legs with large grippers which firmly stick your shorts in place. The silicone gripper band is very good and should stretch to most muscle sizes.

If we had a choice we would like to see the bib and straps being made from black material instead of the white, as when you pair these with their lightweight aerofit jerseys, the white bibs stand out too much through the fabric used on the back of the jerseys.

The chamois is a little bulky which may prove to be uncomfortable for some.

Dsc 6508 Dsc 6518


The shorts are nice and light, fit well and provide good summer ventilation and breathability.

In and out the saddle the shorts feel part of you and don’t provide any issues with performance. The leg cuffs stay in place and keep the legs from changing position or riding up your thighs. The chamois is reasonable and provides good comfort for average rides, however you might find it too large or a little bulky for longer rides, and comfort might not last more than a couple of hours in the saddle depending on your riding experience.

Dsc 6938 Dsc 6552

Size and Fit

Sizing appears to be true with their recommended sizing charts. The size on review is a small sized for 86-90cm waist. Being an 80cm waist I felt the shorts were a little too big which would be correct, so an X-Small sized for 82-86cm may have been a better choice. However I feel that the leg cuff circumference fits just right and may have been too tight in the X-Small, but everyone has different shapes and sizes so it’s all relevant to you. Overall, because they have a lot of stretch and flex to them you should be fine going for your correct size.

The bib and straps also fit very well with no tight spots or uncomfortable areas. The chamois could do with being a little less bulky and a little more dense, but the shorts fit very well and feel great out on the road.

Dsc 6516

Value for Money

Currently priced at 229 TL (£38 GBP / $50 USD), they are a good quality bib short for the price. We may be tempted to look elsewhere for comfort, but if we were to buy one of their superb jerseys (also on review!) we would definitely be buying their bib shorts to match!

Final Verdict

If you are pairing these with one of their superb lightweight jerseys then they’re a great short that look just right as a set. On their own we would be tempted to look elsewhere for a better chamois to suit longer rides and to be a little less bulky. At £38 GBP they’re priced correctly and provide a good amount of comfort.

Velo Insider Rating 7 5


Variant CC – www.variant.cc

Sora Tekstil – www.soratekstil.com

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