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PSN Lightweight Bib Shorts by La Passione

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Quality 10.0
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 9.5

The PSN Lightweight Bib Shorts by La Passione are a true summer short that not only look fantastic out on the road but also provide excellent performance no matter the ride. We love the navy blue colour, it looks so refreshing to see on the road compared to all the black bib shorts out there!

PROS: Excellent quality and choice of fabrics, very good fit which is extremely comfortable.

CONS: None that we found.

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Quality and Comfort

The main selling point of these bib shorts has to be the quality. The lightweight lycra feels silky smooth in your hands and against your skin, and the bib straps are some of the best we’ve seen.

The quality also shines through in their attention to detail and stitching. The shorts feature the La Passione logo’s, reflective details, generous sized silicone grippers, multi-panel design for a great fit and an E.I.T. Cytech pad for total comfort during rides of any duration.

Because you get the best in quality, they are an extremely comfortable pair of shorts. The fabric clings to your body while allowing you to comfortable move around freely, there’s no tight areas or bunching up of fabric while riding. The straps are a great size which sit in place without moving and have enough stretch in them not to create discomfort.

The large leg grippers do a great job of securely holding those legs in place while you ride in and out the saddle. Something which can become very irritating if your shorts keep riding up your thighs.

Being designed as a summer lightweight bib short, the long distance E.I.T. Cytech pad provides superior comfort without being too bulky or feeling like you are sat on a sofa cushion. The pad ventilates very well and helps you stay dry while riding.

Overall, these are probably one of our top 3 bib shorts this year!

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We’ve worn these in a variety of temperatures and can confidently say they perform extremely well. In temperatures of over 20°C they allow you to stay comfortable and dry, they ventilate your body heat very well and don’t feel too cumbersome for the warmer temperatures. Even in lower temperatures of between 12-20°C they perform as expected and provide more than enough protection against cooler rides.

The E.I.T. Cytech pad provides superior performance for long days in the saddle. It’s well designed shape allows you to perform in and out the saddle all day long in total comfort, allowing you to focus on the ride and not your rear end!

They are a great all summer bib short which might just become your favourite go-to choice for every ride.

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Size and Fit

Size on review is a Medium which fits extremely well. Unfortunately I’m always between a small and medium so sizing is often a problem for me, but the PSN Lightweight shorts by La Passione fit extremely well.

The leg cuffs have more than enough stretch to provide total comfort without being too tight. The legs are a great length and the seat, body and torso fit closely without any loose areas of fabric. We’re also impressed with the bib section which provides good support and nice broad straps to stay comfortably in place.

Overall, the Medium size has proved to be a great fit for my 80cm waist & 86cm hips. If I had ordered these myself, I may have ordered the Small based on their sizing, but after trying the Medium I can see it’s a great fit!

Double check your size before ordering and if in doubt contact La Passione direct who will be more than happy to help you out!

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Value for Money

At £111 GBP we think the price is spot on. You definitely get what you are paying for, and the quality of these shorts is going to provide many many years of comfortable cycling. At the time of writing this they are even on offer for just £78!!! Go buy some before they’re gone!

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Final Verdict

We love them. They fit well, they’re 100% comfortable, they look great and are available for a great price. Why not pair them with a La Passione jersey while you are at it and look the business on your next ride out!

Velo Insider Rating 9 5


La Passione

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  1. Tan
    16th August 2018 at 9:09 am — Reply

    When you mention long rides, how long are we talking here? As I noticed with some bibs, it works well on 100km rides, but the moment the ride reaches 160km-200km or some even further. Then the chamois doesn’t hold up well and causes discomfort.

    • 17th August 2018 at 3:28 pm — Reply

      Hi, thanks for the question… These bib shorts were tested on an 80 mile ride with no issues in comfort using a Fizik Antares R1 saddle. The chamois used is a dense foam and provided great comfort for that distance, whereas some seem to be comfortable until the foam compresses and you’re left with a flat cushionless pad. I’d have no problem riding 100+ in these shorts but chamois comfort is always a hard one to judge as being a seasoned rider my rear end is used to long rides in the saddle. Even the most comfortable chamois could be an issue for someone who isnt used to that amount of riding. Then there’s the issue of saddle shape and how the pad interacts with both your sit bones and the saddle. For me it’s more a question of time in the saddle vs distance, I know from experience when you start to reach 10 hours in the saddle there’s very few shorts provide total comfort unless you’re used to that amount of riding. Hope this helps you make your mind up! Thanks. David ~ Velo Insider

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