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PSN Lightweight Jersey Cosmo by La Passione

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Quality 10.0
Comfort 9.5
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 9.5

Keep your cool with the lightweight mesh jersey by La Passione. Designed for summer riding in a variety of temperatures, the PSN Lightweight Jersey provides an excellent alternative for summer!

PROS: Extremely lightweight at only 92g, superb ventilation, very well made, great value.

CONS: None that we found.

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Quality and Comfort

The choice of fabrics and attention to detail on the PSN Lightweight jersey is superb. You get a lot of high quality fabrics which feel great against your skin and provide good movement while riding. As soon as you put on this jersey you feel it’s quality mix of mesh and lycra fabrics which are a good combination to making this lightweight and very well ventilated jersey.

The shape and cut has been very well designed to provide excellent comfort despite the jerseys slim aero fitting design. You don’t notice any tight or ruffled up fabric and the rear pockets are very easy to access while riding.

Some of the features include a close cut ergonomic collar, full length zip, bottom zip garage, silicone waist gripper, three reinforced rear pockets, 3m reflective rear strip and an impressive weight of only 92g!

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Being a jersey designed for maximum ventilation you’d expect it to keep you cool during warm or high tempo rides, and that’s exactly what it does with great results.

Almost all of the jerseys front & back panels are made of mesh fabric which easily wickes away the moisture from your torso while riding. The front being mesh allows the air to pass through to your skin keeping you cooler for longer, while the rear allows your body temperature to escape through the backs mesh fabric. The mesh fabric also provides an spf of 30 which is impressive considering you can see through it.

We love wearing this jersey and think it not only performs very well but looks great too. The only thing cooler than this jersey is riding with no top on, and in cycling that’s a strict no no!

Dsc 7540 Dsc 7551 Dsc 7586

Size and Fit

Being a ‘Race pro cut’ jersey it fit’s extremely close which you have to bear in mind when choosing your size. If you like it tight then stick to their sizing, if you like it more relaxed then size up. The size on review is a small which fitted my 92cm chest very well.

The overall fit is very well balanced, providing an even fit across the entire chest, torso and waistline without any loose areas of fabric. The arms have a good length which stay in place while riding and the neck is very comfortable with its low cut design.

One feature we really like is the body length, despite this being a race cut jersey there is more than enough body length to cater for riders of varying heights.

Dsc 7614 Dsc 7611

Value for Money

At £75 GBP this is a fairly priced jersey for the quality and features on offer. We’d recommend pairing it with some of their bib shorts (also on review shortly) to not only benefit from a great pair of shorts, but also from free delivery once you spend £90!

Depending on where you live in the world and the summer temperatures you experience, a jersey of this design is a must have for staying cool in warmer climates, which for us makes this a jersey worth buying.

Dsc 7570 Dsc 7630 Dsc 7620

Final Verdict

If you like to stay cool during warm weather or epic climbs then this is the perfect choice. With some very nice attention to detail you get a lot of jersey for your money. Quality is second to none and wearing it makes you feel great during high tempo rides. We love it and can see it being worn everytime the sun shows its face!

Velo Insider Rating 9 6


La Passione

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