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PSN Socks by La Passione

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Quality 9.5
Comfort 9.5
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.0
Value for Money 9.5

Quality and performance of socks are often overlooked by brands who’s main product line is clothing such as jerseys & bib shorts, however that’s not the case with La Passione and their PSN socks! These high quality socks provide comfort, performance and amazing looks.

PROS: High quality Meryl® Skinlife™ fiber, made in Italy and available in several colours.

CONS: Size is a fraction to big for my size UK10 (EU45) feet.

Quality and Comfort

The first thing you notice with the PSN socks by La Passione is their fantastic pattern, a variety of diagonals and stripes which provide a luxurious look and feel to the socks. The quality of these socks is very high thanks to the use of the Italian yarn (Meryl® Skinlife™ fiber) which is also odor-resistant, which is ideal for summer riding.

The socks are also designed to provide maximum comfort and support while remaining in position while riding. They feature an ergonomic design which has proved to be extremely good in a variety of riding situations and temperatures, and they even feature an in-built ‘sponge’ insert which is perfectly located beneath your foots toe joints to cushion your power transfer. This works really well without feeling overly padded, you don’t notice anything different from any other sock apart from the increased comfort while riding, something we really like about these socks.

The cuff length is a nice 6 inch (15cm) which looks great and sits well on your calf muscles. While riding they feel superb with no issues in comfort or quality.

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For a well cushioned sock you still get maximum ventilation and breathability. In temperatures of 20°C upwards, the yarn still allows your feet to stay cool and as dry as possible thanks to the ’embossed texture’ which helps wick away any sweat and moisture from your foot.

It’s not often cycling socks will talk about compression in a 6 inch cuff, yet La Passione state these socks feature ‘slightly compressive wearability for improving blood flow and muscle support’, whether this is true or not they certainly feel comfortable and any amount of compression is of a benefit to hot and tired feet.

While riding the socks remain in place with no twisting or sagging, and they provide superior comfort throughout your ride allowing your feet to stay fresh for longer.

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Size and Fit

Socks on review are an XL/XXL (UK 8-11  /  EU44-46) and my feet are a UK size 10 (EU 45). The socks fit very well, with no issues to circumference or the 6 inch cuff length. My only negative is the foot length of the sock, which is slightly too long. With most socks we just pull them on and they fit, with the PSN socks doing the same thing results in the heel cup being too far up your ankle. I found I had to pull the sock up carefully to make sure the heel cup is in the correct area and then pull up the cuff to fit.

However once you get the socks on and sitting in the right location, there is no issue with fit what so ever. It’s simply a difference of how you put them on that changes the size and fit of the PSN socks.

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Value for Money

Priced at £10 GBP these are superb value for money. We love the minimal look of the socks and the unique pattern embossed into the yarn, the padded sole area is a big bonus, and they perform extremely well. These socks definitely provide value for money over many other brands.

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Final Verdict

Don’t assume these socks look boring, they look minimal… PLUS they match La Passione jerseys also available in the Cosmo & other colours. If you’re buying other La Passione clothing, don’t forget to buy the matching socks! They look amazing, they’re super comfy, highly breathable and don’t break the bank. These are some of our favourite socks this year!

Velo Insider Rating 9 4



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