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PSN Windproof Gilet by La Passione

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Quality 9.5
Comfort 9.5
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 9.0

No rider should be without one… the cycling gilet is an integral part of every riders kit to provide protection when the weather turns. The PSN Windproof Gilet by La Passione might just be the best available right now!

PROS: Lightweight, fantastic fit, windproof, water repellent and extremely well ventilated.

CONS: Getting into your jersey pockets can be awkward but that’s no deal breaker.

Quality and Comfort

Like all other clothing in their PSN range, this Gilet is made to a very high standard using some superb next-generation fabrics for total comfort and weather protection. Everything about this gilet shows it’s quality, from the stitching to the zip protector, the edging and quality of zip, the subtle design and details make this a premium gilet.

Fit is perfect, in fact while riding you don’t even notice you are wearing it, it feels and performs like a jersey without feeling too much like a rain cape. The gilet fits extremely well around your torso without any loose or flapping fabric to put you off your ride. The body length is just right, covering your waistline with a silicone gripper to keep everything in place.

The highlight of this gilet is the choice of fabrics used for both the front & rear panels. The front fabric is a ‘next-gen membrane’ providing maximum wind protection and water repellent properties from a lightweight fabrics that’s ideal for summer and autumn use. While riding it does a superb job of keeping you protected from cold air, mist and rain while the rear mesh fabric still allows your body heat to vent out, keeping you dry and comfortable while riding.

Designed to compliment their range of PSN jerseys, the matching PSN gilet really does fit well when worn with their jerseys, and they pretty cool in a matching colour too!

Dsc 7674 Dsc 7696


The PSN gilet does exactly what you want it to, it keeps you dry in light rain, it keeps you warm in cool temperatures and it provides maximum ventilation keeping you dry and comfortable. There’s not many gilets which do all of this in one, and being lightweight it packs down to the size of an average energy bar.

The wind protection is very good thanks to it’s front fabric and inner zip flap, which provides a little extra protection against air passing through the front panel.

This has to be the ideal riding companion to keep in your jersey pocket just in case the weather turns. With so many performance highlights, this has to be one of the best gilets available for all round performance.

Dsc 7722 Dsc 7711

Size and Fit

Sizing is true to size, we advise you stick to their size charts for the right fit. Size on review is a Medium which sits well when worn with their matching PSN jerseys.

The gilet has a generous body length which sits well on your waistline, the neck and arms are a very good fit to allow comfort without any loose areas which could catch the air and flap as you are riding. The body provides a slim fitting cut which adds to the protection it provides in various weather conditions.

The only thing we would like to see done with this gilet is to either provide some easy access to your jersey pockets at the rear, or the use of a two way zipper to allow you to unzip from the bottom up to access your pockets. But other than that, we can not fault this fabulous piece of kit.

Dsc 7707Dsc 7714

Value for Money

Priced at £71.00 GBP we think the PSN gilet is a good price for premium performance and lightweight fabrics. With a variety of features and well thought out design, you get a gilet which will provide you with many years of weather protected riding.

Dsc 7718Dsc 7709

Final Verdict

With La Passione’s PSN gilet, you get a stunning piece of kit that looks superb when paired with their matching PSN range of jerseys. We wore this with their PSN lightweight jersey and found it an excellent combination for those cooler late summer rides. We love it so much, we wish you could wear it even when you’re not on the bike!

Velo Insider Rating 9 4


La Passione

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