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QWIN works with and for athletes constantly innovations within the range, which is why we proudly present the latest product category: QWIN Energy Gels!

QWIN Iso Pro Gel is an isotonic energy gel, which is easy to take without drinking water directly. QWIN Iso Pro Gel contains maltodextrin and supplies energy quickly. Moreover, this gel is very mild in taste and easily tolerated during exercise.

QWIN Pepti Gel is a performance energy gel, aimed at fanatical (top) athletes who want to get the most out of their sporting performance. Peptides (special protein mix) have been added to QWIN Pepti Gel. This special protein mix is ​​easily absorbed by the body. The added magnesium supports both the build up of body protein and the reduction of fatigue. With QWIN Pepti Gel you can quickly start the next race or training again.

Without artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.






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