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Rapha launch their latest range of pro saddles

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Rapha have been working on their new saddle range for the last two years and finally they are available to buy online.

It goes without saying that these saddles will be a big hit this year regardless of how they feel or perform, because Rapha is Rapha and fans can not help themselves when it comes to their products. Price range at the time of this article is £180 for the classic to £295 for their pro range.

That being said, the look of these new saddles is very impressive. With superb attention to detail and a clean minimal design, they certainly do look that part.

Their new range of saddles are designed to match their range of bib shorts, which is something Fizik have already started to look at from the opposite way round as they venture into creating bib shorts to match their saddles. So the concept of bib shorts, chamois and saddle matching is definitely going to be a winning formula over the coming years for many brands. Unless you have saddle discomfort we don’t really see the point, as once you become a seasoned rider your body adjusts to pretty much anything you sit on.

Looking at their classic saddle in white, you can immediately see how well design it is.  With a mix of classic style and contemporary modern materials, the saddle’s profile is ideal for riders who prioritise comfort. The saddle is constructed of a carbon-reinforced nylon base which provides a lightweight shell, the whole saddle only weight 179g. The saddle also features one-piece carbon rails for added flex and lightness. The classic finish shows off a beautiful perforated cover, with a seamless finish for frictionless riding. And of course that all important badge, just like what a prancing horse is to Ferrari or a raging bull is to lamborghini… that Rapha logo is on display in all its glory!

Who knows how clean the white will stay after a few sweaty rides, but you have to admit it looks pretty sharp!




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