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Respira Compression Socks by Temple Project

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Quality 9.0
Comfort 9.0
Performance 9.0
Sizing and Fit 9.0
Value for Money 9.5

A compression sock that looks as good as a designer fashion sock! We’re extremely impressed with the compression qualities of these fantastic socks by Temple Project.

PROS: Well made with a great fit, very comfortable compression, look very dapper!

CONS: None that we found.

Quality and Comfort

Temple Project have produced a great sock here, with superb quality and great attention to detail. The Respira socks are a fantastic quality sock which just go to show how much design can be put into something as simple as a sock.  As you can see from the photographs there’s many different features with a compression fit, anti-twist band, cuff band and a smart logo on the rear (just make sure you get your left & right around the right way!).

We are really impressed with the compression properties which provide excellent comfort when powering your way along the road. The socks stay in place while riding without sagging or bunching up in your shoes and they don’t try and twist around in your shoes when your feet start to get hot. Overall they are a very comfortable cycling sock with a very nice design and pattern to the yarn.

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The Respira socks provide a good level of ventilation to your feet and stay relatively dry throughout your ride.

They say: “Introducing Temple’s Respira Socks, our latest edition of compression socks utilize wide mesh construction for efficient ventilation and exceptional quick dry performance. Our Respira socks were specifically designed for tropical climate riding where the occasional rain shower and high humidity can put a damper on any ride. Temple’s Respira socks quickly wick and distribute moisture for optimum evaporation and the high-calf upper provide long-ride support for your lower calf.”

They definitely provide good ventilation and breathability in wet/humid conditions. Their support and compression gives a good support to your ankles and lower calfs, whether this is helps with performance or not we cannot say, but it definitely feels like a benefit over normal socks.

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Size and Fit

Size on review is a M-L (42-47 EU) and fit my size UK10 feet very well without being too long in the foot. You can pull then up tight and the heel area sits perfectly in place. The cuff length is also just right without being too high or low. They look great and fit extremely well for your average foot shape. Just make sure you get those left & right socks on the right foot, those logos need to look balanced!

Tc0 2472 Tc0 2801 Tc0 2805

Value for Money

At $13.16 (approx £10) they offer fantastic value for money. Considering the quality and design, they’re a bargain compared to other brands available. If you’re in the UK then price will fluctuate slightly due to the exchange rate, but if you like their designs, which let’s face it look superb, then there’s no doubt you get a fantastic sock for your money.

Tc0 2467 Tc0 2476

Final Verdict

Temple Project have produced a superb sock here and with a great range of colours to suit anyone and everyone. The Respira Compression Socks are a great sock!

Velo Insider Rating 9 1




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