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Rouleur magazine is the world’s finest road cycling journal, for the most discerning rider. We were all tired of the formulaic nature of other cycling magazines, full of group tests that no-one believes in – Rouleur was created to be something we would all read, cherish and collect. Rouleur features high quality photography and writing that depicts the passion and drama of the sport. Rouleur is read by our highly valued group of dedicated road cycling fans, pro riders and the most influential bike riders in the world.

Not long after the publication launched in 2006, we created the online Rouleur Emporium to satisfy the hunger for more from the brand from its then small, but very loyal, subscriber base. Now, the Emporium has grown significantly and offers the very best cycling products, exclusively curated for on the bike, off the bike and for your home. We love the sport, have very high standards and work hard to create the finest range of exclusive items.


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