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What is RVMBLE?

Basically it’s just one person, doing all the hard work. 😉 That’s me, Uwe. Some average cyclist, who loves road cycling, cobbled classics and Peter Sagan, a guy not able to do a proper wheelie and someone who also likes to go out in the woods on the MTB now and then. Back in 2011 me and some riding buddys of the RCU8122, which is some kind of my bike crew, decided to make our own team jerseys. More and more guys in the world wide web made their own designs on cycling apparel so I wanted to do the same thing and well it was much fun. Afterwards I designed one jersey sample in a camouflage design and put a photo on my private tumblr. Actually I got reblogged by Tracko himself, which made me think about the whole design thing again – maybe its not that bad what I was doing.

So the decision to run a business was made. On the one hand the idea for the name of my label came from one of my favourite records, representing one of the main influences, which is music or culture in general. On the other hand RVMBLE represents the feel, when riding over cobblestones. I got into cycling because of the love for the great one day races, especially Flanders and Roubaix and their famous protagonists from iconic teams like Mapei, Team Z or La Ve Claire.

Now all that sounds like the big one man show but actually it isn’t. I like group rides, chatting with other guys, getting feedback etc. Therefore, in my opinion, RVMBLE is very much community driven. I come up with a new idea, discuss it with some friends, produce a sample, put it to the test, improve, get feedback, test again…and so on. Thats how it works. I do not want to do it all on my own because I think, if the people I know and ride with like what I do, there are maybe some other guys out there that are also interested in my stuff … hopefully!



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