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Sibillini Outfit #1 for Women

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We’re seeing a lot of women specific brands appearing with high quality, outstanding designs of kit.

Sibillini have released their very first kit, aptly named #1. What strikes us the most about this kit is not just the high quality fabrics or the bold choice of colours, it’s the fact you get matching socks in with the jersey! How cool is that. Now you don’t have to go searching through the many thousands of socks looking for a close enough match, Sibillini simply give you a matching pair, and we think this is very unique indeed.

Socks aside for the moment… Their #1 jersey features moisture-wicking lightweight high performance fabrics designed to keep you dry while out riding in a variety of conditions. Mesh panelling provides added breathability with hidden zippers, a sweat proof media pocket (pretty nifty!), silicon grippers to prevent the jersey fabric from rising up, reflective details for extra safety and reinforced stitching for many years of durability.

Sibillini should have a solid future ahead of them with quality like this, we look forward to seeing more of their clothing… oh and more socks too!




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