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Snēk started as an outlet for my ideas. I wanted to create thoughtfully designed products that captured the missing pieces and details of existing cycling products – products that both my friends, myself and others were excited to use and wear.

Snēk is also about community. I didn’t want to create a brand or product that was faceless. I wanted my fellow cyclists and local community to be involved. As a result I’ve partnered with local businesses, manufacturers and expertise to develop and produce my products.

A brand based upon stylish, simple, and authentic cycling goods. Products born from ideas conjured up during actual rides. Rides as short as the commute to work, and as long as the weekend getaway. Never over thought, but stringent on detail. Brought together by years of cycling experience with a tenacious drive to hand-pick, high-quality materials.

It takes a village. Products, quality product, require a team and partners with not just years of experience – but a collective idea that handcrafted products require great care and must have no compromise in use of materials or manufacturing.

Snek products are the outcome of this exact type of persistence. Similar to the realisation of Snek is the development – rigorous and all inclusive. Compromises non-existent, and no component too trivial.


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