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Stomp the Pedal

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Once Upon a Time…… In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…. There was a girl who loved to cycle, but …….

A lot of kit she bought was either uncomfortable or just too plain boring!

What’s a girl to do? I love to Cycle! I love Kits!

After spending thousands on other brands that I really love and admire, I knew in time I would need to create my own cycling kit and brand.

My friends…. I am passionate about cycling kit! I am following my passion after my husband was diagnosed with cancer. His life being shortened by this illness put a firecracker up my butt to finally follow my dream, my own cycle kit brand!

Stomp the Pedal was born.

The designs are created in London, UK but like most other smaller companies out there, I have chosen a manufacturer who uses the highest of quality MITIspa Italian fabrics, they have been established since 2005 and the range is made in Italy.

Stomp the Pedal is about ensuring that when you are out on your bike for whatever the occasion, not only are you comfortable (cause let’s be straight up, every cycling kit brand wants to ensure you are comfortable), that you can be seen and you feel and bloody look good.

Stomp the Pedal is not a subdue brand. The designs will be bold, bright, daring, and artistic.

We want everyone to join and become part of the Stomp the Pedal tribe. #stompee and #stompettes



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