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It was around 1984 when Mr. Carlos Suarez Founder and President of SUAREZ began his career in the cycling world, after participating in biking, mountain biking and track cycling, he managed to become one of the best raiders in our country.

All this time practicing several modalities of cycling, led him to discover that our country needed good performance garments and quality, taking advantage of the prestigious Colombian cyclist DNA that has competed for decades in the most important squads in the world, and that was how it started. materialize the desire to have a brand of cycling clothing of the highest quality that is at the level of the great international standards.

At present the company has achieved great national and international recognition, through its 18 years of existence, has differentiated by quality and comfort, as well as constantly innovate in the design and technology of its cycling clothing, thanks to the Carlos Suarez’s inexhaustible interest in being active in sports and the desire to experience his creations first-hand.

Our team offers cyclists, triathletes and skaters the improvement of their sports performance through high quality and comfort garments, produced to the highest standards. SUAREZ, satisfies your market with the support of a group of people highly prepared and committed to personal and collective improvement.

Our main purpose is to position ourselves as a leading company in the international field in design, quality, production and marketing of cycling clothing and related sports. In the same aspects will be one of the 10 best brands worldwide.





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