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Svelte began right in the heart of London. The capital of a country renowned for its cycling history, now a city pervaded by every type of cyclist. From the track riders revolving the velodromes, road cyclists making a break for open countryside, to the city commuter darting under streetlights. Clothing is an imperative element to all cyclists – forging the connection between the rider and the bike itself.

Svelte originated with the vision to transcend the beauty of cycling apparel. To design products focused so exclusively on quality and minimalism, that they create an elegantly versatile connection between the bicycle and the clothing that rides it. To design a truly timeless range, such that it permeates the heart of cycling, and far beyond it.

Slowly but surely, the finest range of apparel emerged. Apparel that subtly, yet exquisitely, conveyed the beautiful unity of cycling, elegance, and lifestyle.

It was slender; it was minimalistic; it was Svelte.

Not only were design, quality and fit our key objectives. In a bid to support local manufacturing and skills being lost from the UK, The Heritage Jersey is 100% manufactured in London, Great Britain from materials 100% sourced in Europe.

That’s not all. The research, design and development invested into our range always had gender specificity at its heart. Requiring precision that few other dare to accomplish, we designed our garments exclusively for their respective gender, to satisfy our belief that fit is paramount to any cyclist’s drawer.

It is only when you first zip up the front of a Svelte jersey, or pull the straps of our bib shorts over your shoulders, or feel the warmth and protection of a Svelte base layer, that you will realise just how fundamental this belief was, and still is.

Stay Awesome, Ride Happy

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