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Trophy Bike Racks

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Reclaim your hallway…

Trophy Bike Racks produce a stunning range of wall mounted bicycle storage racks for safely and beautifully storing your bike within your home. Ideal for those who have little storage space or limited room within their home. Each rack is designed to be strong yet minimal in design, providing protection to your frame thanks to the coloured rubber coating.

All products have been designed with longevity in mind, made from high quality materials to create an object to cherish and offer more than a lifetime of service.

About the Bull bike rack:

Made in England from solid steel, the Bull bike rack, like it’s namesake is immensely strong. In contrast, its soft plastic rubber coating, protects the bicycle from any scratches.

A full fitting kit is supplied, with colour matched screws, that is suitable for brick, plasterboard and timber walls, along with easy to follow instructions that make installation a breeze.

Suitable for a wide variety of bicycles, including road, mountain, hybrid, ladies frames and child’s bikes. As long as your bike can balance on two points 42cm apart, it will fit.

About the Designer:
Ross Dolton is a designer who creates elegantly simple high quality product solutions and accessories for your home and bicycle.

“I design and create objects that help and promote a healthy active life. The Trophy bike racks are designed to solve the increasing problem of where to keep your bike. The Trophy solution safely stores bicycles out of harms way, whilst most importantly maintaining quick and easy access to your prized wheels, and they look great on your wall.” 


  • STRENGTH – Made from solid steel, the holders are strong and can hold bicycles up to 20kg in weight.

  • PROTECTION – Three finishes. Plastic Rubber, Short Fur & Lux all protect your prized bike from any harm.

  • EASY INSTALLATION – Full instructions and fitting kit supplied for brick, plasterboard and timber walls.

  • SHIPPING WORLDWIDE – Fast and free delivery. If your country is not listed on checkout, please contact us.




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