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Ultralight cutting edge carbon wheels by HUNT are scarily fast!

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HUNT are getting a lot of good press these days over their extensive range of road bike wheels, and the 50Carbon’s are looking to lead the way in their range of deep aero wheelsets.

The 50Carbon wheels are, believe it or not, 50mm deep with a 27mm width providing good aerodynamics along with rolling resistance. And with a combined weight of only 1537g, that’s a seriously light wheel considering they’re a deep section aero wheel. Their carbon design provides extreme braking reliability due to their Griptec brake track, as well as providing durability from their high quality carbon construction. With a precision set of hubs, spokes & freehub, the quality of HUNT wheels is second to none and even outs many mainstream brands charging twice the price to shame. Their clincher/tubeless design will suit a variety of preferences and even allow you to chop & change between the two options.

HUNT state on their website “These wheels are so light and aero that we’re free wheeling in the pack whilst all others are pedalling, is it cheating?” so you know what to expect from these wheels… marginal gains in speed & aerodynamics, which is certainly nothing to be mocked! Every second counts!

Priced at only £899 for the set, we think these are a steal! They look amazing, they’re well built, they’re light and fast… why haven’t you already got a set?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, these wheels are on pre-order at the time of writing this article, so place your order now before the waiting list gets even longer!


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