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Velohawk Luxury Bike Storage Launches in London

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At the world’s finest road cycling exhibition, *Rouleur Classic, currently on in central London, an innovative New Zealand company ‘Velohawk’ is set to revolutionize personalized luxury bike storage for the home and office.

*(Rouleur Classic, Victoria House 1st – 3rd November)

Velohawk, the official bike storage partner for Rouleur Classic 2018, will launch their bespoke storage solution for high value road bikes at the internationally renowned event. The architecturally designed Velohawk offers a luxury lifestyle option that gives cycle professionals and enthusiasts peace of mind that their pride and joy and investment are sound and secure.

Velohawk was founded by kiwi cyclist and entrepreneur James Doughty who was inspired to solve the bike storage issue after years of maneuvering his precious road and triathlon bikes around the world into awkward and insecure storage situations. After much research and development Velohawk was born – an individualized secure bike storage system for those priceless bikes, especially in urban living.

Designed in New Zealand with an award-winning team of designers and engineers, including America’s Cup marine experts, the Velohawk storage system is an architectural piece with a modern aesthetic made from strong weatherproof advanced composite materials.

Velohawk uses the best in British craftsmanship and has partnered with British composite and engineering firm, Penso Composites to manufacture the innovative design. Penso is a world leading manufacturing specialist and works with Aston Martin, McLaren, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, as well as clients in the aerospace, defense and rail sectors.

Velohawk is a highly designed solution that can be easily incorporated into both interior and exterior spaces and offers custom color as well as extrusion and panel options to suit personal styles. It offers an easy glide entry mechanism to hold the bike as well as an encrypted smart-lock and alarm mechanism. It can also be secured to the ground in outdoor environments.

“Modern urban living is a battle for space and especially true for cyclists with high value bikes which are too expensive to be stored in communal bike rooms, or open-air storage situations,” says Doughty. “Velohawk is uniquely positioned to enter the market as a category leader and provide a solution for consumers that are hungry for a well-designed and secure option that can be situated either inside the home or in an outdoor deck or parking environment.”

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