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I started creating my artworks a few years ago, as an escape from my day job as Creative Director at a large agency. I live in Edinburgh, with my wonderful partner and our little girl.

My work has taken me across the world and I can be regularly found working long hours. To escape the pressures of the job, I would draw to relax. My other relaxation is road cycling. There’s nothing like cycling for recharging body and soul.

Velostrator combines my love of cycling (hence the Velo part) with being an illustrator (hence the ‘strator’ element) – combining the two, Velostrator was born.

Velostrator allows me to reflect cycling’s greatest moments and emotions, from the grand tours, great climbs, famous teams of years gone by, through to trundling along cities and landscapes and across this the elation, pain, sheer joy and shared passions.

I also create bespoke commissions upon request.



WCB x PSQ Collaboration Jersey by We Can Be


Falconer Aero Helmet by Sweet Protection

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