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Vent Cap by VOID

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Quality 9.5
Comfort 9.5
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 9.0

The Vent cap by Void is a super lightweight cycling cap designed to provide comfort as well as light protection during epic rides and climbs, and looks great off the bike too!

PROS: Very high quality lightweight fabric, breathable, well made and nice fit.

CONS: None.

Vent Cap Black Shield 01

Quality and Comfort

Quality is superb thanks to the high quality Void put into their apparel. The soft feel fabric and materials used are superb, providing lightweight comfort all day long, as well as protection of cooler rides.

The design fits very well providing total comfort with and without a helmet. In fact this is such a nice fitting, comfortable cap, you might want to start wearing it off the bike!

Dsc 7476


The Vent cap provides a good level of protection during cooler summer rides. It’s lightweight fabric gives more than enough ventilation to keep your head cool while protecting it from the cold air on low intensity efforts. The slim design fits well under most helmets and look superb with it’s narrow peak providing sun and rain protection.

The fabric has superb wicking and drying properties which is ideal for keeping your head dry, and drying quickly even when you’ve been caught in a downpour. Flick that peak up and you get a cheeky little Void logo to show off too!

Dsc 7469

Size and Fit

The Vent cap is only available in one size to fit all. In general this works very well thanks to the elastic band at the rear of the cap which sits comfortably against your head and doesn’t feel too tight compared with other caps. The cap fits snuggly to your head without any loose areas of fabric and looks great on and off the bike! You can wear this all day long without any issues in comfort.

Dsc 7470

Value for Money

At £25 GBP (currently on offer for £15!!!) this cap provides a lot of quality & performance for the money. With a wide range of colours to suit most of their apparel, the vent cap is superb value for money.

Tc0 8190

Final Verdict

Wear it on the bike, off the bike, at the cafe, in the gym… wear it everywhere! The Vent cap by Void is a superb cap which looks and feels great. With top performance you won’t find a better summer cap at this price & quality.

Velo Insider Rating 9 4



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