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Viking Juice Chain Lube by Juice Lubes

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Viking Juice is designed to penetrate into your chain as quick as a viking warlord on a rampage! With it’s super thin viscosity, this low friction lube is the ideal choice for those looking for speed over low maintenance.

PROS: Stays clean. Low friction. Easy application.

CONS: Requires regular re-application over 100 miles.


Designed to ensure thorough chain penetration and a cleaner running chain, Viking Juice by Juice Lubes is a very smooth running lube for those looking to reduce friction and maximise their drive train efficiency.

We put it through it’s paces during a mixture of riding conditions and found it to perform very well across the board. Chains sound smooth, somewhat silent and stay fairly clean after approx 50 miles of road cycling. However, once you start reaching 100 miles of riding you start to sense it needs a quick re-lube to restore the performance, even after initially applying 4 thorough coatings to a clean and dry chain.

If you are like us then this will not be an issue, we prefer a clean and freshly lubed chain every ride!

Application is very easy thanks to its low viscosity which allows it to penetrate every link, pin and roller of your chain with ease. After allowing an initial coating to settle we went on to apply another 3 coatings of the lube as recommended. Be warned that Viking Juice lube is extremely thin and pours out at a lightning speed, almost missing the chain and soaking your rims!

As you apply the lube it settles straight in between the links and you know you’re getting the best protection possible… ahhh peace of mind!

Because of it’s low viscosity we would ideally use this as a race or short distance oil for rides up to 100 miles. We even tried using this on a Mavic freehub to lube the pawls and it did a great job, retaining that all important freehub sound. We can see a few different areas Viking Juice lube will be ideal for on your bike so it’s a handy lube to keep in your toolkit.

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Value for Money

£10 for 130ml of high quality oil that’s going to last anywhere between 12 to 24 months of regular chain cleaning & re-lubing is certainly good value for money. There are cheaper oils on the market depending what you are looking for out of a performance oil, but this is a very good low friction lube to consider.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a very low friction lube to maximise the performance of your drive train and, like us, you don’t mind re-applying either every ride or at 100 mile intervals, then this is a superb choice of lube. If you’re looking for a long lasting lube then we would suggest you look elsewhere as there are cheaper lubes available which will be better suited to your needs.

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