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VO2 Cycling was founded in 2009 by Jimmy George, a former Pro Cyclist and regular Iron Man competitor.

After a successful cycling career in Europe, Jimmy returned to the UK as a coach and personal trainer to athletes of all abilities. They all had one thing in common – the fit of their bike was never perfect. Whether it was generating extra power or eliminating pain on the bike, Jimmy recognised the importance of being correctly fitted to your bike. He was one of the first to offer ‘bike fitting’ as we know it today.

But that wasn’t enough.  Jimmy believed that cyclists shouldn’t have to spend time and money on bike fits and new components to make their bike fit them.

Instead they should be able to buy a bike that is built around them and fits perfectly the moment they take it home.  From this idea, VO2 Cycling was born.

Today, we produce a range of road and time trial bikes and every single bike we build is as unique as the cyclist riding it.




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