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VOID Bib Shorts – White Logo

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Quality 10.0
Comfort 9.5
Performance 10.0
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 9.5

When it comes to bib shorts, quality is everything! Every detail must be just right to provide comfort and performance, while allowing you to ride with maximum potential mile after mile. VOID’s Bib Shorts are everything you need for comfort and performance… and they make you look great too. We got to put them to the test on an epic 124 mile Coast to Coast ride with more than 8 hours in the saddle… here’s what we found…

Shorts on review are a size Small in Black with their White logo.

PROS: High quality bibs with superb straps, great fit, comfortable pad, and generous leg grippers!

CONS: None that we found.

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Quality and Comfort

New bib shorts before a cross-country 124 mile ride? Not usually a good idea! You should always make sure your kit is going to fit well and provide comfort before embarking on a long ride. However… as my derriere has endured many years of regular riding, the shorts were put to the test straight away and the results were great.

Quality is one of the highlights of these bib shorts. The fabric provides a soft and comfortable layer on your skin and the flat lock seams prevent any irritation while riding. The bibs also feature a very nice supportive design for your back and shoulders, keeping those straps in place while riding in and out the saddle. We love that the bibs are black, it looks so much nicer than white which can start to discolour after a few washes. The shorts also sit nicely on your torso without being too tight or causing any discomfort around the shoulders.

The ‘Anatomic La Fonte 4-way pad’ is very comfortable for your regular cyclist, providing good support without being too bulky. It’s positioned very well within the seat area allowing you to move around freely on your saddle in total comfort.

Let’s face it, when you spend all day in the saddle there’s very few shorts which are going to be 100% comfortable, yet for all 8 hours these shorts provided excellent comfort and took everything the ride could throw at them.

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When it comes to cycling shorts, performance is just as vital as comfort. You need a comfortable chamois and fabric that allows your skin to breathe. VOID’s bib shorts perform very well at both, with a very nice chamois which gives you comfort in all riding positions. The Anatomic La Fonte chamois efficiently absorbs sweat without feeling wet and quickly dries to keep your rear in total comfort. Even in damp conditions the shorts provide a good level of wicking and comfort.

The fabric used is high quality, it allows your skin to breathe without any noticeable problems from sweat and moisture. One outstanding design is their multiple panel construction which allows the bib shorts to fit your anatomy without loose areas of fabric, and they work very well. This allows the shorts to remain aerodynamic in a variety of positions which feels great as you’re twisting your way down winding descents.

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Size and Fit

True to size, VOID’s bib shorts fit extremely well. They are very slim fitting around the thighs, so be aware that if you have abnormally large muscular thighs you may want to size up from your recommended size.

The shorts feature a multi panel design to provide an ultimate fit. There’s certainly no loose areas or bunching up of fabric to create any problems, the shorts fit extremely well and even provide a certain amount of compression.

One of the highlights which stands out the most to us is the leg length and generous gripper. The legs have a good length which sit just above your knee without feeling too long or too short. The gripper is outstanding, in fact it’s so good you might have difficulty pulling up your bib shorts (if you shave your legs!), as the gripper sticks very well to your skin. We’d advise rolling up the leg cuffs as you put them on and then roll the cuffs back down… voila!

Even with their slim fit, there is plenty of stretch in the fabric to allow the shorts to move with you and stay comfortable in any riding position.

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Value for Money

At £135 they come into the mid to high price bracket. You might be mistaken to think at this price it’s worth considering a major brand name over VOID’s bib shorts, but you definitely get what you pay for. Quality, comfort, high quality chamois pad, great fit and of course very unique looking shorts. If you appreciate all the fantastic features these shorts provide, then VOID are well worth considering.

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Final Verdict

VOID might just be our new favourite brand this year, we’re certainly impressed with their Capsule Jersey and these bib shorts are equally impressive. We especially like their attention to detail and the quality of fabrics they use for their apparel. If you are looking for a unique look ou ton the road with performance to match, then VOID are well worth every penny.

Velo Insider Rating 9 7



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