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WCB x PSQ Socks by We Can Be CC

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Quality 9.5
Comfort 10.0
Performance 9.5
Sizing and Fit 9.5
Value for Money 10.0

With the WCB x PSQ collaboration jersey being such an iconic design, it’s only right it has it’s very own socks to match. The collaboration socks are a perfect balance of thickness, comfort and ventilation.

PROS: Extremely comfortable with great ventilation, a must have if you own the WCBxPSQ Collaboration jersey!

CONS: None

Quality and Comfort

When many brands fall short in sock quality and comfort, We Can Be have pulled their socks ‘right up’ over their knees to provide an impressive sock for their first ever cycling collection.

We’ve tried both their Pure White Race Socks and their WCB x PSQ Collaboration socks and comfort is one of their top features. Their Collaboration Socks are made with Coolmax yarns which are thicker than your average sock, yet highly breathable. The quality of the yarn and stitching is superb, with flat seams there’s no tight areas or rubbing against your feet. They stay in place while riding without bunching up or twisting around in your shoes.

The upper cuffs are not as thick as their Race Socks, but comfort is equally as good because of the thickness and quality of yarn. Your feet feel cushioned without feeling spongy, and at the same time they stay dry thanks to the breathable characteristics of the coolmax yarn. You won’t find a more comfortable sock than the range of socks available at WCB.


The Collaboration socks perform extremely well in a wide range of temperatures, providing superior ventilation and wicking throughout your ride. The mesh design to the upper part of the socks provides a nice cooling feeling (depending on your shoe design) allowing for the rest of the sock to provide comfort and support. We really like how much comfort and ventilation WCB’s socks provide.

Size and Fit

Size on test is a Large (EU44-47). Being a size UK10 (EU45) the socks fit very well with no issues. There’s plenty of stretch for your bunions, bent toes and knobbly ankles! The cuff height is stated to be 6 inches which fits well without sagging while riding. We honestly can’t fault the size or fit of these socks.

Value for Money

At only £12 per pair, there’s no doubt these are a worthy addition to your sock drawer!

Final Verdict

Without a doubt these are some of the best socks we’ve worn and put other brands to shame for cost and quality! If you have the WCB x PSQ Collaboration jersey then these are a must… if not… then go buy the Jersey to match the socks!

Velo Insider Rating 9 7




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